Viking Shoes in AR

Ok guys! We finally got an AR print campaign.
Its a very simple one, but its a start.

Viking shoes is a Norwegian brand and they are focused on innovation and technology. So this AR concept fitted very nicely in with their profile.

Its a content app more than anything else. There is some functionality, and a competition that caused us some sever damage (more on that later), but the content is cool (we like to think so anyhow)

You can get that app here (And please do):
(or just search for Viking Shoes in your Android Marketplace.. In fact! You can print the marker and use your favorite QR scanner to get the app that way 😉

It will be available for iOS as well within the next couple of days (Fingers crossed)

And this is the marker you need:

So please feel free to download, use and share the goods 🙂

Here is a nifty little how-to video:

Our only real problem in this production was getting the approval from Apple. Which, at the time of writing this, still hasn´t gone through! Apparently you need to have a long legal disclaimer if you want to run something like a competition. Something it took Apple nearly 3 weeks to tell us. So 36 hours before the magazine went on the shelves, and several days after printing, Apple rejects our app. Good fortune has is so that we made an app for Android as well

For this campaign the Ad Agency was Bonfire (Bål)
Producers were Placebo Effects –
And developed by Labrat

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